The Aforeserve Edge

Aforeserve is committed to delivering the highest standards in services excellence, supporting manufacturers, integrators and end users in the effective management of their ICT assets, at every stage of the asset lifecycle from installation to eventual disposal.

Superior Tech Repair Capabilities

With a robust background in tech repair and over 18 years of IT and applications expertise, Aforeserve delivers highly differentiated, product and component specific repair capabilities to support multi-brand technologies. Backed by 44,000 square feet of sophisticated, state of the art RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) and ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) compliant repair facilities across three key locations, the Company’s 250+ strong team of highly trained technicians and engineers employ proven and standardized repair and testing processes and superior reverse engineering competencies to optimize the performance and life of ever-evolving, technologically complex ICT products – increasing their value, reducing the cost of repair and eliminating the need for expensive replacements.

Integrated Services and Support Model

Aforeserve’s seamlessly integrated services and support model offers a single point of services delivery, integrating all lifecycle support requirements for ICT assets across brands, platforms and technologies – making it possible for customers and manufacturing partners to bring together their maintenance agreements under a single provider, reducing the complexity of managing services commitments and relationships with multiple vendors. From response centers with dedicated help-lines, physical installations and field support at customer establishments to on-site and carry-in warranty support, chip level repair and ‘equal to new’ refurbishments, Aforeserve provides a comprehensive, end to end umbrella of services spanning the entire ICT asset lifecycle.

Leveraging Key Partner Associations

As one of India’s leading ICT services providers, Aforeserve runs mission critical ICT systems and manages products, services and solutions for key Original Equipment and Design Manufacturers (OEMs & ODMs) including Hewlett Packard (HP), Acer, Toshiba, Inventec, Micro Star International (MSi), the NCR Corporation and Hughes India. Leveraging its partner associations with market leaders and innovators, Aforeserve has succeeded in developing strong capabilities in global process standards and quality control norms and in building an inclusive knowledge bank based on brand specific best practices and procedures – enabling superior services management and delivery and providing customers with the best specialized skills and tailored solutions.

Pan India Support Network

Aforeserve’s extensive pan India support network spans strategically located services centers in 51 major cities and resident engineers across 310 regional towns, offering customers and partners the benefits of direct and localized services as well as the geographical reach they need to fulfill aggressive services level commitments in a cost-effective, flexible and viable manner. The Company’s highly developed services infrastructure and multi locational presence ensure the fastest time-to-services, sustaining its high volume and dynamic services commitments through a standardized process based on stringent global quality systems and matrices – giving customers and partners the flexibility and freedom to choose from a variety of on-site and carry-in services for every stage of their ICT asset life cycle.

Flexibility, Agility and Responsiveness

Aforeserve’s flexible services delivery model ensures that customers of every size and composition, are all addressed through an agile and responsive support network, adaptable to budget considerations, security concerns, location preferences and mission critical support requirements. With its principal commitment to become the most inclusive services provider in the Indian ICT Industry, Aforeserve works to customize its comprehensive services offerings to suit and equally address the unique maintenance and repair requirements of every manufacturer, integrator and end-user of ICT assets.

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