For System Integrators

Aforeserve delivers reliable and fully managed project solutions to help system integrators run customized ICT implementations and projects. With over 14 years of operational experience, Aforeserve has executed several turnkey integration projects, delivering maximum value and taking into account the minutest detail that could affect the long-term functionality and performance of each system including the appropriate preparation of the installation site, proper planning and schedule of various stages of the project and consistent quality and operation checks to make sure that the system performs optimally and gives the desired results upon delivery.

By outsourcing the development and deployment of their integration projects to Aforeserve as a single end to end solution or through sub-contracted stages within the project, system integrators can free up their in-house resources to focus on their core business processes and deliverables. Specifically for system integrators, Aforeserve’s project services are key to bridging the gap between customer requirements and Service Level Agreements (SLAs) offered by Original Equipment Manufacturers and other product suppliers.

Aforeserve’s flexible resourcing model, configurable as per the system integrator’s specific requirements,  provides resources both on-site as well as off-site, for a variety of skill sets including L1 / L2 repairs, facility management resources, networking, desktop management, site preparation,  installations and rollouts – offering system integrators a tremendous advantage in terms of cost and agility when executing large projects for their customers.



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